Payments & Settling Invoices

Updated Nov. 23, 2023 by Support
Payments & Integration

The Invoices module on Coaching Loft integrates with PayPal Business, that coaches can use to get payments from their coachees.

To Integrate PayPal on your Invoices:
  1. Login to your Coach Account.
  2. Click the small profile avatar at the top rightmost side of your screen.
  3. Click "Integrations".
  4. Find and click PayPal within the integration section.
  5. Follow the integration process inside the PayPal Integration page.
  6. Once done, a PayPal checkout button will be visible to your Invoices upon sending them to your coachees.
  7. Coachees then can pay the invoice via PayPal and the payment will be sent to your PayPal Business Account.


Settling Invoices
To settle an invoice:
  1. Go to your Invoice list.
  2. Click the "Settle" button on the invoice that you want to settle.
  3. Fill up the Settlement form accordingly.
  4. Click "Save" once done.


Legal & Finances feature is only accessible to coach accounts with paid membership levels, visit the Membership Levels page.





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