Coaching Session/Coaching Notepad

Updated Jul. 12, 2020 by Support


The Coaching Notepad is a powerful tool that you can use in your 1-to-1 live coaching sessions. 

The Coaching Notepad has quick access buttons for you to utilize, have access to the records needed to help you and your client in your current coaching session:

  • Have a quick insight into the results of your client's past assessments.
  • Pull up your notes containing references that you have created prior to the coaching session.
  • List down the questions that you have assigned to your client prior to the coaching session.
  • Take a quick look into your client's progress on the actions that you previously assigned to them.

You can access the Coaching Notepad by clicking "Quick Session" found on the main menu or by starting a coaching session from the Upcoming Appointments panel in the Coach Dashboard.

The notepad has it's an immediate auto-save feature for you to avoid losing your data in case of internet connection outage.



Video Call Feature for Remote Coaching Sessions

Updated Jul. 22, 2020 by Support


We added a video call feature built-in to Coaching Loft for you to utilize during a remote coaching session. The video call feature is a straight forward 1-to-1 video and voice call made for you and your coachee to use for a remote coaching session. This feature is only available for coaches under paid membership levels.

To start a video call:

  1. Copy your Meeting Link found at the bottom of the details section of the Coaching Notepad. Alternatively, the Meeting link can also be found on your Coach Profile.
  2. After copying your meeting link, send the link to your coachee via messages or via email and instruct them to click/visit the link using Chrome Browser.
  3. Open you meeting room by clicking the "Open Meeting Room" button.
  4. Wait for your coachee to connect to your meeting room.




I can't see/hear the person I'm calling
  • Make sure you have a working camera and microphone if you are working on a desktop or laptop.
  • Allow these devices from your browser settings.
It just keeps saying "Connecting, please wait.."
  • If the host is not actively waiting on their meeting room, the loading screen will keep reloading until it detects the host's meeting room.


The video call feature is only accessible to coach accounts on premium and above membership levels, visit the Membership Levels page to know more.




Managing your Coaching Logs

Updated Aug. 18, 2020 by Support


The coaching logs hold all the records from your past coaching sessions with your coachees. It has its overall summary stat table for you to track logged hours, average session length, and completed sessions as you use Coaching Loft. This page is where you can also view, edit, and delete coaching logs.

You can access Coaching Logs by clicking "Coaching Logs" on the main menu.


I didn't use the Coaching Notepad on my last coaching session, how do I import previously completed coaching sessions?

Import session log using Quick Session:
  1. From your Dashboard, Start a Quick Session.
  2. Select the coachee related to your session log.
  3. Put in all the information you want in that session. Don’t worry about the date and time for now.
  4. When you are done, end the session and save it.
  5. Now navigate to your Coaching Logs, find the session you just save, and click the “Edit” button.
  6. Change the date, time, and duration (Start Time and End Time), to match your actual session details as it happened.
  7. Save the session log once done.

Quick Video (No audio)


Bulk Upload Past Session Logs:

To upload past session logs, you need to put all of your past session logs in a spreadsheet and export it into a CSV file. 

  1. Navigate to your Coaching Logs, and click the "Import" button at the top right hand side of the panel.
  2. Read the "File format guide" by clicking the provided link.
  3. Follow the instructions provided to format your spreadsheet accordingly.
  4. Save and export the file to CSV (Comma Delimited).
  5. Upload the file CSV file to the Session Log Uploader.



Video Call Recording

Updated Sep. 26, 2022 by Support

To enable video call recording, you must allow and share your screen to let Coaching Loft record the specific page or tab where you are conducting the video call with your coachee.

*Note: Allowing to "Share your screen" doesn't broadcast your call session or stream to anyone. Coaching loft uses it only to get permission to record the screen, page or tab of your choice.


Video call recording can be only executed by the host on a desktop/laptop browser. Each browser has a different kind of approach on getting your permission to execute the process.



Chrome Browser

Chrome Tab

  1. From the Record Session popup, click Start recording.

  2. The Share your screen popup will appear, click Chrome Tab.

  3. Find and select Coaching Loft - Video Call.

  4. Tick/check the Share audio checkbox at the bottom of the popup.

  5. Click the Share button to start the recording.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge tab

  1. From the Record Session popup, click Start recording.

  2. The Share your screen popup will appear, 

    click Microsoft Edge Tab.

  3. Find and select Coaching Loft - Video Call.

  4. Tick/check the Share audio checkbox at the bottom of the popup.

  5. Click the Share button to start the recording.


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Window Sharing
  1. From the Record Session popup, click Start recording.
  2. The permission popup will appear at the top of your browser, find and select Coaching Loft - Video Call - Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Click Allow to start the recording.
  • Not Supported. At the time of writing, Safari browser still doesn't fully support media recording.


Download Video Recording

Once your video call session is done, the video recording download link will be immediately available on the next page after you and your coachee drop the call. You must download the file before closing the window as the platform will delete the recording once you close the meeting room.


The video call recording feature is only accessible to coach accounts with paid membership levels, visit the Membership Levels page.




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