Video Call Feature for Remote Coaching Sessions

Updated Nov. 23, 2023 by Support


We added a video call feature built-in to Coaching Loft for you to utilize during a remote coaching session. The video call feature is a straight forward 1-to-1 video and voice call made for you and your coachee to use for a remote coaching session. This feature is only available for coaches under paid membership levels.

To start a video call:

  1. Copy your Meeting Link found at the bottom of the details section of the Coaching Notepad. Alternatively, the Meeting link can also be found on your Coach Profile.
  2. After copying your meeting link, send the link to your coachee via messages or via email and instruct them to click/visit the link using Chrome Browser.
  3. Open you meeting room by clicking the "Open Meeting Room" button.
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  4. Wait for your coachee to connect to your meeting room.




I can't see/hear the person I'm calling
  • Make sure you have a working camera and microphone if you are working on a desktop or laptop.
  • Allow these devices from your browser settings.
It just keeps saying "Connecting, please wait.."
  • If the host is not actively waiting on their meeting room, the loading screen will keep reloading until it detects the host's meeting room.


The video call feature is only accessible to coach accounts on premium and above membership levels, visit the Membership Levels page to know more.




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