See all frequently asked questions from the Coaching Loft community.
Getting Started
Learn how to create and activate your account, complete your profile, define your coaching type(s), and more.
Account & Setup
Learn about account types, subscription/membership levels, branding, and more account related stuff.
General Functionalities
Everything you need to know about the general functionalities of the platform.
Appointments Guide
Learn how to create appointments, create and use appointment scheduling pages, syncing your personal calendar, and respond to appointment invites.
Coaching Session & Logs
Learn how to use the Coaching Notepad and utilize it during your coaching session with your coachees, save previous session logs, and more.
Assessments Guide
Create and assign assessments, understand how it can help you to learn more about your coachees.
Engagements Guide
Build program templates and use it as an engagement for you and your coachee to follow on your coaching journey.
Coaching Packages Guide
Understand how to create your first Coaching Package from creating products to bundling them up together, use it to gather potential coachees.
Legal & Finance
Learn how to use the agreements module and how invoicing works on the platform.
Enhanced Coach Profile
Enhanced coach profile is an upgraded version of the Public Coach Profile - which gives the coaches the ability to create their own custom web page.
See the list of supported integrations that will help you connect your Coaching Loft account to other platforms.
Enterprise Guide
Understand the functionalities of the Enterprise Platform as a Business/Enterprise administrator.
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