Managing your Coaching Packages

Updated Nov. 23, 2023 by Support

The Coaching Packages or "My Packages" panel is where you can see all the coaching packages you created on the platform. From here you can share coaching packages to your social media accounts by using the social media icons found at the bottom of each of your packages. 

Managing your Coaching Packages


Creating/updating a Coaching Package

To create a new Coaching Package:

  1. To create new, click the "+ New" button at the top right side of the panel. You will be redirected to the form where you create the package.
  2. To update, click the coaching package card withing the Coaching Package panel.
  3. Fill up all the required fields accordingly:
    - Package Name
    - Package Description
    - Products field
    - Currency field
    - Amount/pricing field
  4. Click "Save" once done. 
  • Uploading or including a cover photo to the package makes the coaching package it more presentable.
  • The Duration field has two types:
    • Indefinite: Selected by default, choose this option if the package doesn't have a fixed timeframe.
    • Timed: This option allows you to set a timeframe for the package (eg. 3 months of business coaching).
  • Selecting products automatically adds up it's value to the total amount of the package, but you can still adjust the total amount/pricing of the package to your liking.
  • Setting the status of the package to draft makes the package not available to the public.
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Viewing the coaching package page

To view your coaching package pages click the "Eye" icon found at the social media buttons section at the bottom of your package. Upon clicking the view button, you will be redirected to the coaching package page on a new tab or window.

Managing your Coaching Packages



The Coaching Packages feature is only accessible to coach accounts with paid membership levels, visit the Membership Levels page.





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