List of supported Integrations

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Automate and connect your other accounts from other applications to your Coaching Loft account. 

Coaching Loft easily integrates with the following applications:

  1. Zapier
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    Connect your applications and automate workflows. To find out more on how to connect your Coaching Loft to Zapier, read our user guide for Zapier Integration.

  2. Zoom

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    Connect your Zoom Account to auto-create meetings when adding new appointments to your Coaching Loft Calendar. Read our user guide for Zoom Integration.

  3. Microsoft Teams
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    Connect your Microsoft work/school account to create and manage Microsoft Teams meeting links using the Coaching Loft calendar. Read our user guide for Microsoft Teams Integration.

  4. PayPal
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    Receive payments from your clients by enabling PayPal.

  5. HubSpot
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    Sync your Coaching Loft account to your HubSpot Account.

  6. MailChimp
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    Automatically import newly added contacts from the contacts module to your Mailchimp audience list.

  7. Leedfeader
    Leedfeader Logo
    Automatically pull potential client leads from your Leadfeeder account and import them on your Coaching Loft Contact List.

You can set up and access the integrations listed above in your coach account:

  1. Click your profile image at the top rightmost side of your screen.
  2. Choose "Integrations".
  3. From there you can configure and set up each integration by following the instructions for each specific integration.






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