Managing your Appointments

Updated Jul. 12, 2020 by Support


The appointments calendar contains all of the appointments that you've scheduled within the platform. It displays your past completed and expired appointments from your coaching sessions and also your scheduled upcoming sessions. It is mainly used for scheduling, rescheduling, canceling/deleting appointments with your coach/coachee.


How to schedule an appointment


For Coach:

The main use case of the coach appointments calendar is to schedule a Coaching Session with one of your coachees.

  1. Click the "+New" button at the uppermost right of the panel or click a specific date from the calendar.
  2. Select a coachee that you are going to be with the appointment/coaching session.
  3. Fill up all the required fields
  4. (Optional) Compose a message or attach a link for a video call invitation.
  5. (Optional) Create a series of appointments. Use this if you are going to have multiple scheduled appointments with your coachee.
  6. Click "Save Changes" once you're done.
  7. An email notification will be sent to your coachee with daily reminders to confirm their response.
For Coachees:

Coachees can request an appointment with their coaches on their coachee account.

  1. Click the "+New" button at the uppermost right of the panel or click a specific date from the calendar.
  2. Select a coach to send an appointment request.
  3. Fill up all the required fields
  4. Click "Save Changes" once you're done.
  5. An email notification will be sent to your coach to confirm their response.


Updating Scheduled Appointments

To update appointment details, simply click the appointment from the calendar to open the appointment modal. Update the fields you wish to change then click "Save Changes". An email notification will be sent to the invitees upon submitting the changes made to the scheduled appointment.


Cancellation/Deleting Appointment

Appointment Cancellation/Deletion can only be done by the coach in their coach account. To cancel or delete an appointment, click the appointment from the calendar and then click the Delete button (Trash Bin icon) found at the bottom of the appointment modal.


Responding to Appointments (from the Dashboard)

From the Coach Dashboard, you can start a coaching session by clicking the red start button at the right of each appointment. You can also respond "Going" or "Not going" to the appointment request made by your coachees from their coachee account.

Coachees, on the other hand, can only respond "Going" or "Not going" to the upcoming appointments in their coachee dashboard.



Syncing your Personal Calendar

Updated Mar. 01, 2023 by Support

Synchronize your appointments to your personal calendar events. Coaching Loft Calendar offers calendar synchronization to Google, iCloud, Office 365, MS Exchange, and Outlook Calendar to make your life easier. After syncing your personal calendar, all changes made with your Coaching Loft Calendar will reflect on your synced personal calendar.

For Coaches

The coach's calendar can be synced to different kinds of major calendar services available in the market today. Coaches under a paid membership level are allowed to sync their calendar from all of the calendar services to their Coaching Loft Calendar, while basic coach accounts can only sync their Google Calendar to their Coaching Loft Calendar.

Coaching Loft Calendar smoothly syncs with:

  • Google Calendar
  • iCloud Calendar
  • Office 365 Calendar
  • Microsoft Exchange Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar 

How to Sync my Personal Calendar:
  • At the topmost right of the calendar panel, click the "Sync Calendar" button.
  • For Paid Coach Accounts: 
    - Select a calendar of your choice, and choose one on the following services (Google, iCloud, Office 365, MS Exchange, Outlook)

    - After choosing a calendar, follow the steps provided by your chosen calendar services provider to finish the process.

  • For Basic Coach Accounts:
    - Log in to your Google Account to allow Coaching Loft to access your Google Calendar.


For Coachees

Coachees can only sync their calendars to Google Calendar. 
To sync your Coaching Loft Calendar to your Google Calendar:

  • At the topmost right of the calendar panel, click the "Sync Calendar" button.
  • Log in to your Google Account to allow Coaching Loft to access your Google Calendar.
  • Complete the process to make the changes.


To unlock the calendar service you prefer, visit the Membership Levels page.


Go to Membership Levels Page



Configuring your Appointment Scheduling Pages

Updated Sep. 23, 2022 by Support

Only exclusive for Coach Accounts - Appointment Scheduling Pages gives the coach the ability to create multiple scheduling calendars where coachees or other prospects can use to schedule an appointment on your Coaching Loft Calendar.


Managing your Scheduling Pages

To see the list of your Appointment Scheduling Pages, go to Appointments then click the "Appointments Scheduling" button at the topmost right of the calendar panel.

By default, a coach account will have an Appointment Scheduling page called "Discovery Session" found at the Appointment Scheduling page panel.

Click the Appointment Scheduling page to update and configure the availability schedule or create a new Appointment Scheduling page by clicking the "+New" button.


Creating/updating an Appointment Scheduling Page:

  1. Fill up all of the fields as required.
  2. To include payment link, click "enable" under "Accept payments upon booking". Specify the "currency" and "Amount per booking".  You can find the steps to integrate Coaching Loft and Paypal here
  3. Your calendar link must be unique, avoid using spaces, symbols, or special characters. Use dash ( - ) or underscore ( _ ) instead of spaces.
  4. Adjust your availability settings, click a date on the availability calendar, and configure your availability timings.
  5. Click the "Save Changes" button once done.

What's Next?

Send the Appointment Scheduling links of the Appointment Scheduling pages available on your coach account. You can also post it on your website or social media so that other prospects can schedule an appointment to your Coaching Loft Calendar.

If someone scheduled an appointment using one of your Appointment Scheduling pages, the system will notify both attendees via email, you will receive an appointment notification to your email that has the appointment details, date, and timezone, etc. The owner of the coach account should follow thru with an email response to the one who scheduled the appointment to confirm the invitation.


Note: All appointments made from your Appointment Scheduling Pages also syncs the appointment details to your personal calendar.


The Appointment Scheduling Pages feature is only accessible to coach accounts with paid membership levels, visit the Membership Levels page to know more.




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