Updating Status - Engagement progression

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Program Item Statuses

It is good practice to mark the completed program items as Completed for you to see the progression of the Engagement. If for example you have done or finished the scheduled coaching session or received the answers of the assessments that you sent from the engagement, you can mark them as completed by clicking the "Check" icon at the top right side of the program item details.

Updating Status - Engagement progression



Engagement Status

The Engagement status can be easily determined by looking at the Engagement title at the top left side of the panel, or by looking at the Engagement list - at the status column of the table.

Updating Status - Engagement progression

It is important to update the engagement status based on the current standing of the engagement. If you have already started or completed some program items inside the engagement, it is best to set the Engagement's status to Active. If you have completed all of the items inside your engagement you can change the status of the engagement to Completed.

To update the Engagement's status:

  1. Click the "Start Engagement" button at the top right side of the panel.
  2. The status will be changed accordingly.
  3. If you have completed whole the Engagement simply click the same button to mark the engagement as Completed.

Updating Status - Engagement progression


The Engagements feature is only accessible to coach accounts with paid membership levels, visit the Membership Levels page.





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