Affiliate Program

Affiliate Partner Program

Earn by sharing Coaching Loft to your colleagues.

How it works

Earn 50% of initial membership payments for all membership levels (except Lifetime membership offers only 10% of their one time payment) and then 5% of their monthly membership fee (only for the first 11 months) from the sign ups you've referred! (This also applies when the referred account holder upgrades to a higher membership level). When someone sign up to Coaching Loft using your Affiliate Link, you will be credited as the Affiliate Partner who referred them. If someone clicks through your link and does not sign up immediately, the system will remember that you sent them and credit your account if they sign up within 7 days.


For every purchase of Commission
Core Membership $12.50 initial + $1.25/month
Premium Membership $27.50 initial + $2.75/month
Master Membership $47.50 initial + $4.75/month
Lifetime Membership $342.00 (one time)

Collecting your earnings

Get paid every last day of the month as long as your affiliate earnings reaches or exceeds $100. If you haven't earned $100 by the end the issued month, your earnings will be retained for the next upcoming month till you reach or exceed the $100 threshold. All transactions will be made online via PayPal.

Affiliate Link and Monitoring

Easily copy and paste your Affiliate Link on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. or send it to your colleagues via email. Coaching Loft will provide your own unique Affiliate Link that will work on most Social Media websites across the web.

Keep in mind that it is possible that users will click through more than 1 or several Referrers' links over the course of 7 day period and prior to registering with Coaching Loft. In this instance, the most recent Affiliate Link clicked by the user will be credited and will be the affiliate for that particular user registration.

Coaching Loft will send you an email the moment new coaches signs up for an account by using your referral link. Commission logs, total active affiliates, and total earnings will be provided to you so you can check your earnings whenever you please.

Policy Agreement

When you register for the Affiliate Partner Program, you automatically agree and follow Coaching Loft's Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Agreement or any rules that may come up regarding Coaching Loft's Affilate Program. Any misuse of the program will result on Affiliate Partner Program suspension, cancellation or worse Account Termination without prior notice.

Commissions are paid only by PayPal. Coaching Loft cannot and will not send checks, credit cards, or send cash. You are required to have a PayPal account to receive commissions. If you don't have one of these accounts at the time you register to become a Affiliate Partner, you can sign up for one at any time (including after we've sent you the first payment). Please note that these providers each have their own Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. As neither are affiliated with Coaching Loft, you should familiarize yourself with the respective Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy which can be found at each's website. Coaching Loft is not responsible in any way for any monetary or other losses or damages arising from errors, interruptions in service, malfunctions or other problems that occur with PayPal's service and/or website. Coaching Loft's obligation is limited to submitting payment of commissions to your account. Once Coaching Loft has submitted such commission payment to you via your account of choice, it has fulfilled its obligation to pay your Affiliate commission(s).