Managing your Files

Updated Nov. 23, 2023 by Support

The Files or File Attachments page is where you can find all of your uploaded file resources and files that are shared by your Coach/Coachees.

General Functionalities

The page has a grid and list view which you can set by clicking the grid and list view buttons below the "+Files" button.

How to upload a new File
  1. Click the "+ Files" button found at the topmost right of the panel.
  2. Attach the file of your choice.
  3. Set file permission (Private or Shared)
  4. Click the "Submit" button once you are done.
  5. An email notification will be sent to your coach/coachee if the file permission is set to "Shared".
Supported File Types:
  • Word Documents: doc, docx, word
  • Documents: pdf
  • Spreadsheets: csv, xls, xlsx
  • Presentations: ppt, pptx
  • Photo: jpg, jpeg, png
  • Video: Mp4

Limitation: The maximum filesize for each file upload is 25MB.

Need more file storage?

Visit the Membership Levels page to know more know which plan is fit for your use case.


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