Coaching Loft for Business/Enterprise

For small, medium-sized and large coaching companies or organizations that want to take their practice to the next level, monitor coach performance and activity, and client feedback.

Per coach seat per month, billed monthly
Enterprise Panel Add and Manage Coaches and Clients, assign or move clients to your coaches using the Enterprise Panel
Branding Customize your Enterprise Panel with your own logo and colors
Demo Coach Account Coach account with full access for demo purposes.
Total Clients Clients that can be assigned to coaches that has an active seat

Coach Access

Coaches on your enterprise account will have access to the following features below.

Base Functionality
Calendar, Alerts, Chat, Assessments, Goal Setting, Coach Public Profile
Storage Capacity
2 GB
Calendar Syncronization
Choose one on Google, Apple, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365
Questions, Template, Forms
Create a list of your Services/Products, bundled together as a Coaching Package
Legal & Finance
Create and manage your Coaching Agreements, and Invoices
Advanced Functionality
Client Feedback, Testimonials, Client Referrals