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For professional coaches and mentors who want to focus on coaching their clients, and what they do best, instead of wasting time on admin work.

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Built for Professional Coaches

If you are a professional coach looking for an all-in-one platform to run your coaching practice, acquire new clients and manage their success, was designed with you in mind. We have built-in all the necessary features for you to manage your whole coaching business from marketing and lead capturing all the way down to client satisfaction ratings and everything in between. Your clients will think you have an army of employees supporting your business, while works intuitively to bring it all-together for you.

If you are a Business Coach, an Executive Coach, a Career Coach, a Sales Coach, or any type of professional coach or someone who works one-on-one with people to help them make change or deliver on specific outcomes (Advisor, Mentor, Psychologist, Manager, Supervisor, Tutor, etc…) was built for you, to help you get the best out of your clients and help them maximize their results.

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"Best Coaching Management Software 2019"


Increase your Coaching Productivity

Check out what you can do with Coaching Loft to help you on your coaching engagements

One Central Coach's Dashboard

Goal & Objectives Setting & Tracking

Synchronized Appointment Scheduling with your preferred Calendar

Automated & Editable Session Logging

Library of over 500 Coaching Questions

Client Notepad & Session Notepad

Secure Internal Messaging System

Email Alerts Triggered across the Coaching Cycle

Coach, Session & Program Rating and Feedback System

Files Cloud Storage & Sharing

Manage your Coaching Packages, Agreements & Invoicing

Automated Invoicing fed directly from your coaching agreements

All from one Central Dashboard

The dashboard is designed to help you quickly access all your account's important data and key features of the system. See you session stats, outstanding invoices, coach rating, upcoming appointments, assigned assessments for your clients to answer and your most recently attended session for you to easily review and update.

Powerful Session Notepad

Coach with confidence and convenience with the Session Notepad. Use the questions that you pre-assigned to your client to steer your conversations, tag action items for your clients to interact, view recent actions by your clients, and review your notes and the client's past assessments for your reference.

Never Miss an Appointment

Schedule your appointments with ease, Let your clients know that you made an appointment. Your calendar appointments will reflect on your client's calendar when you made an appointment with them. Sync your Coaching Loft calendar smoothly integrates with your Google, iCloud, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange or Outlook calendar.

Keep track with your Client's Progress

Create longterm Goals, Milestones, and Individual Actions with your client and measure their progress over time.

Library of over 500 Coaching Questions

Assign Coaching Questions to your clients for you to utilize them during your Coaching Sessions. Choose with over 500 Coaching Questions that can actualy help you keep your engagement and conversations going.

Create your Packages and Manage your Invoices

Want to promote your own Coaching Packages and be discovered? Create one and share it to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Get more clients and leads via discovery sessions, expand your coaching capabilities. Turn leads into agreements, then manage and send invoices.

Never lose your Coaching Logs

Your coaching logs are important for you and your clients. The system automatically update your logs after each coaching session, you can also update them when needed to add more important details after your engagement with your client.

Make your Coach Profile be Found

Your online presence is important. Set up your coaching profile, and make your profile searchable by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. to gain more client leads and network.

We designed Coaching Loft to operate from any device and any browser, no need for you to download, install or update anything. Just add to your Home Screen on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart-phone and you are set to go to work from the comfort of... well pretty much anywhere.

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