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You want to grow your business, diversify your product offering in the coaching industry, and create a new, recurring revenue channel?

Explore our partner program and let’s emerge stronger together.

The Coaching Loft Partner Program

Partner Program

The Partner Program is for service providers such as Coach Education Institutes, Human Resources Consultants and Human Capital Software Resellers, looking to expand their offerings and build expertise in and around the Professional Coaching industry.

Whether your expertise is coaching education, human capital consulting or just software, if you want to add an Monthly / Annual Recurring Revenue Channel to your business that generates continuous recurring revenue for your business, you have come to the right place.

Eight reasons why partners choose Coaching Loft

Partner Program
  1. An Award-Winning Coaching Practice Management Software.
  2. Passive Income from Monthly / Annual Recurring Revenue.
  3. A coaching solution for Corporates who are interested in building, or have an internal coaching culture, and want to measure and track coaching progress.
  4. A continuously developing platform that stays ahead of the innovation curve.
  5. Flexible Volume Pricing Model for different size teams.
  6. An opportunity to bundle the Platform with other Added-Value Services that you may be offering.
  7. Full Customer Success Support provided by Coaching Loft, so not much for you to do on that front.
  8. Full Sales Support from our Channel Partner Managers to help you put growth plans for your market and close deals more often.

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Coaching Directories

Partner Program

Find Coaching Service Providers

We probably know someone who can help you out. Head over to our Service Provider Directory and check out the community of businesses around the world that we have put together for you.

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Partner Program

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Check out Coaching Loft’s “Coach Finder”, and find just the kind of coach you are looking for, in your territory, and with the level of expertise, specialization and accreditation that you prefer.

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Partner Program

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Our Partner Directory gives you access to all the Approved Partners by territory and specialization, so you can reach out to your preferred one.

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