Coaching Packages

Use the Coaching Package creator feature to list and bundle services / products, creating attractive coaching packages. You can share your packages on your website and social media platforms to attract a wider client base.

Creating coaching packages

Coaches can seamlessly design comprehensive coaching packages, introducing their services with a compelling intro. Specify the products or services included in the package, accompanied by transparent pricing and duration details. Coaches also have the flexibility to incorporate a discovery session into their packages, adding a valuable touch to client onboarding.

What sets this feature apart is its user-friendly interface that allows coaches to effortlessly share their crafted packages on their website and social media platforms.

This streamlined sharing process not only enhances visibility but also serves as a powerful tool to attract new clients.

Coaching Packages

Managing your packages and products

Coaches gain a comprehensive toolkit to efficiently handle their existing packages – whether editing or deleting. With a clear overview of the list of products included, coaches can seamlessly add, edit, or remove items from the product catalogue tailored for coaching packages.

This feature goes beyond basic management by providing coaches with insights into inquiries, including their status and detailed information. This clarity allows coaches to stay organized and responsive, ensuring a streamlined process for managing coaching packages, from product details to client inquiries.

Coaching Packages

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