Be Part of the Solution

At we believe in having a positive and sustainable impact on the world around us. Afterall, we are key players in the coaching industry, where positive and sustainable impact is what we do, one coachee at a time.

So we decided to take it to the next level and re-wild the world, one tree at a time, playing a key role in rebuilding our global ecosystem… because we can.

Welcome to the Coaching Forest

It takes a Forest

Coaching Forest

Because one tree is not enough, it really takes a wide variety of trees to recreate an ecosystem that is sustainable, we have decided to re-wild a forest… just because we can, with your help of course.

In fact, we have committed to planting 100,000 Trees by the end of 2025, in multiple key locations around the world where reforestation and re-wilding is needed.

So, every time you renew your paid subscription with we will plant 1 tree, or 10, or 100 for you.

Here's how it works

Coaching Forest
  1. When you sign up for a paid subscription your get 1 tree ever month, or 10 trees for annual subscriptions.
  2. If you are an existing paid member, and you renew your monthly paid subscription, we will plant a tree for you too, Starting May 2022.
  3. And if you have an enterprise account with, let’s say 10 coach licenses, paid annually, we will plant 100 trees for you, one tree for ever paid month and every coach (10 Months x 10 Coaches).
  4. You will know everything about every tree that is planted for you, including its exact geolocation, date of planting, species, and even the farmer who planted it.
  5. You will be able to virtually travel to every tree both on your desktop or on your mobile with a specialized app.
  6. Every tree is recorded on the blockchain to verify its existence.