Streamline the process of scheduling meetings

Effortlessly plan your schedule by booking appointments with clients and allowing them the convenience to schedule appointments with you without the tedious “what time works for you” emails.

Appointment Calendar

Set Availability

Easily set your availability on your Coaching Loft calendar, allowing clients to schedule sessions exclusively during your designated time slots for a more organized and efficient coaching experience.

Appointment Calendar

Appointment scheduling

Share your meeting link with Clients to schedule an appointment with you based on your and their availability. If you schedule an appointment with your client, your entry will effortlessly integrate into their calendar.

Appointment Calendar

Schedule appointments with multiple people

Choose one or many participants, send them a calendar invite with a personalized meeting link, and ensure a seamless attendance experience for scheduled coaching sessions on Coaching Loft.

Appointment Calendar

Create series of appointment

Easily create and schedule a series of appointments by specifying the total number of meetings and their recurrence for seamless coordination with one or multiple participants.

Appointment Calendar

Meeting URL

Share Coaching Loft meeting link for one-on-one sessions or seamlessly integrate with Zoom and Teams for both individual and group coaching sessions.

Appointment Calendar

Sync your calendar

The Coaching Loft calendar smoothly integrates with:

  • Google Calendar
  • iCloud Calendar
  • Office 365 Calendar
  • Microsoft Exchange Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
Appointment Calendar

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