Client Action Tracking

Keep track of your Client's Progress to complete assigned tasks, check in on their progress on a specific task or give them a little nudge via comments conveniently placed under each specific action.

Action Tracker

For Coaches, this feature grant unparalleled insights as they effortlessly monitor coachees' progress on assigned tasks. This feature allows coaches to communicate seamlessly by sending targeted messages under each task, providing guidance and fostering a collaborative coaching environment.

For Coachees, the Client Action Tracking feature gives them the ability to filter tasks by status, update and edit tasks to actively engage with their progress, gaining a real-time overview of their journey.

Client Action Tracking

Add a New action

Coaches can seamlessly create targeted actions, assign these actions to goals or milestones, set due dates, and effortlessly share them with coachees, fostering clarity and purpose in every coaching journey.

Coachees can create personalized actions, set due dates, link tasks to specific goals or milestones, and even opt to have the action monitored by a coach. It's a tailored approach to goal-setting, giving coachees the tools they need for proactive and collaborative progress.

Client Action Tracking

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