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The Most Intuitive and Professional Online Coaching Management System

A Coaching Dashboard that every Coach, Leader, Manager and Coaching Client needs to deliver or receive a fluent coaching experience.

  • All from one Central Coaching Dashboard.
  • Helps coaches build, manage and organize their practice.
  • Synchronized Appointment Scheduling with your preferred Calendar.
  • Support and engage coachees between sessions.
  • Track progress to make accomplishments visible.
  • Improves follow-through and engagement in your coachees.

Our Coaching Platform Enable Coaches & Managers to Intuitively Deliver a Fluent Coaching Experience

Coaches & Mentors

For professional coaches and mentors who want to focus on coaching their coachees, and what they do best, with the help of our online coaching tools, instead of wasting time on admin work.

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Coaching Firms

For small and medium-sized coaching companies that want to take their practice to the next level, monitor coach performance and activity, and coachee feedback.

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Large Organizations

For large organizations who are fostering an internal coaching culture of growth and want to manage more powerful coaching conversations and outcomes.

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We designed Coaching Loft to operate from any device and any browser, no need for you to download, install or update anything. Just add to your Home Screen on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart-phone and you are set to go to work from the comfort of... well pretty much anywhere.

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