Coaching Package

  • 1 Month Coaching Agreement
  • DESIGNING SUCCESS (4 Coaching Sessions)
  • Designing your leadership mojo!
  • Inner Guru Actuation

USD 600.00

Here's to a new you! Discover yourself – what motivates you, what are your strengths and how to leverage yourself to surge ahead. Discover the leader within. Begin to master your work ethic, your belief systems and pave the foundation to your future! What is this about? Do you feel that you deserve MORE? Rise above PROCRASTINATION. Develop resilience to overcome challenges. Overcome indecision – become a decisive leader. Do you feel that your team is DISCONNECTED from you? Learn to align with your colleagues, teams and organisation. Are you missing out on PROMOTIONS? Enhance your productivity patterns. Do you feel that no one LISTENS to you? Do you think that you could do with some customizations? Are your strengths and beliefs not aligned? What are my strengths? How can I leverage them? Welcome to DESIGNING SUCCESS! 4 one on one sessions with our certified coaches Access to spoon bending neuro linguistic techniques Discover your leadership style Get in touch with your ‘inner self’ Design Success $ 600 or Rs 44,700/- (plus taxes as applicable)

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