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Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan, Sena Medal (Gallantry), served the Army from 1988 to 2010 & is a veteran of the Kargil war. During his Military career, he served with the Infantry, Army Aviation, Special Forces, Air Force establishments and the Navy.

 As a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive & Team Coach & Global Coach Group Global Leadership Coach, Ajay works with organisations & executives to co-create peak performances, measurable growth and leadership excellence. Col Ajay is a commercial rotorcraft pilot and a certified Career, Success & Transformation Coach & a Master Mentor (Career Development).

Colonel Ajay has visualized, crafted & executed training programs for multinational organisations like Microsoft, Accenture, SAP Labs, ITC, Titan, Manipal Group, Daimler & Mercedes Benz, etc.

Using latest technologies, NLP, International Coach Federation approved tools & ancient wisdom, Col Ajay also works on a one on one basis with executives & leaders as they surge ahead to achieve their goals.


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Here's to a new you! Discover yourself – what motivates you, what are your strengths and how to leverage yourself to surge ahead. Discover the leader within. Begin to master your work ethic, your belief systems and pave the foundation to your future! What is this about? Do you feel that you deserve MORE? Rise above PROCRASTINATION. Develop resilience to overcome challenges. Overcome indecision – become a decisive leader. Do you feel that your team is DISCONNECTED from you? Learn to align with your colleagues, teams and organisation. Are you missing out on PROMOTIONS? Enhance your productivity patterns. Do you feel that no one LISTENS to you? Do you think that you could do with some customizations? Are your strengths and beliefs not aligned? What are my strengths? How can I leverage them? Welcome to DESIGNING SUCCESS! 4 one on one sessions with our certified coaches Access to spoon bending neuro linguistic techniques Discover your leadership style Get in touch with your ‘inner self’ Design Success $ 600 or Rs 44,700/- (plus taxes as applicable)
CRAFTING SUCCESS 90 Days to crafting your success story! What are your aspirations? How can you leverage your skills? What are my rules that limit me? How to break my own rules? How to impact others? How to lead your team? Dealing with deep concerns – personal & organisational! How to create a vision? How to build and maintain relationships? How to be an effective leader? How to communicate effectively? How to manage conflict? How to rise above office politics? How to stay relevant and indispensable? Find answers to these questions and CRAFT your SUCCESS! 12 one on one sessions with our senior coaches, including 3 sessions with our Chief Coach. FREE access for one year to our CRAFTING SUCCESS Telegram Channel! $ 1500 or Rs 1,11,750/- (plus taxes as applicable) 15% discount for those who attended the DISCOVERING SUCCESS program within the past one year.
Find your V.I.P. 180 days to discover values, identity, purpose and master success – techniques for profitability, growth & productivity. Welcome to our signature program, exquisitely crafted for middle & senior management, seeking to transcend to the apex levels of corporates | organisations | institutions. Create your values mandala! Values conscious leadership – how to create exponential growth! Expanding identity – who you truly are! How to become a charismatic leader? V.I.P. – unlock your intrinsic keys to wealth creation! What does it mean to be inspirational? Awaken the true teacher within – galvanise your abilities! Learn to enhance productive patterns for yourself and for your teams! Master how to evolve a vision. Design greatness – Master Success! Master goal setting and goal clarity – inspire teams to success! Creating purpose – motivate, inspire and actuate! Supercharging your goals – the big picture and your destiny! Move past the resistance of the past – craft and master success! $ 2400 or Rs 1,78,800/- (plus taxes as applicable) 15% discount for those who attended the DISCOVERING SUCCESS or the CRAFTING SUCCESS program within the past one year. 24 Power packed sessions with our Chief Coach, Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan, Sena Medal (gallantry) 12 incisive activities and assessments. Lifetime access to the Crafting Success telegram channel. 15% discount for one-on-one coaching sessions for 2 years. Direct whatsapp and mobile access to our Chief Coach (for the duration of the program)
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