Crisis Coaching

Coaching Package

  • 3 Weeks Coaching Agreement
  • Crisis Coaching
Offered by:
Ben Bouwhuis

USD 250.00

In business, things can get really tough on decisive moments. All of a sudden, you lose self-confidence just before signing that contract, days before an expectedly very rough meeting: 'I can't do it!' Anybody, however experienced and skilled, can experience such feelings. Problem is that you of course definitely often can't share your sudden discomfort,, uncertainty, even fright with colleagues, partners or bosses. I hear you say: 'What would they think of me?' This package makes sure you very quickly get help from me/us in Affiliate Executive Coaches. We'll coach you in again. You'll make it. Please, don't forget to tell me in which town and country you operate because of time-zone planning!

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