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Ben Bouwhuis

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Executive Coach
Business Coach
Life Coach
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Originally educated as an MD in Amsterdam, Netherlands. After many years of experience within the psychiatry field l left healthcare and now have my extensive experience with people and communication working fully in coaching. 

Business / corporate executive coaching / family-business coaching. 

care-team coaching

  • Long term coaching.
  • Short term coaching.
  • On demand crisis coaching.

Languages fluently: english, dutch, norwegian, german.

French and spanish less fluently. I read and speak som russian.

Member International Coach Federation, accr shortly.

Meeting Modality
Strong Impact
3 months weekly coaching program to support and coach you short term. 1 hour sessions. A great way to get acquainted with the fantastic benefits of being coached. This package is tuned in on those who want to improve their position in the company.
Prolongated Strong Impact
A 6 months weekly coaching program. Focuses on stabilizing change and performance optimization. This program will help you settle comfortably with increased performance and selfconfidence.
Enduring Impact
This ia our long term coaching program, aimed at supporting you all the way to ensure enduring high performance in your new and very challenging executive position. This package is there to make you feel safe and strong, with your personal coach constantly by your side.
Crisis Coaching
In business, things can get really tough on decisive moments. All of a sudden, you lose self-confidence just before signing that contract, days before an expectedly very rough meeting: 'I can't do it!' Anybody, however experienced and skilled, can experience such feelings. Problem is that you of course definitely often can't share your sudden discomfort,, uncertainty, even fright with colleagues, partners or bosses. I hear you say: 'What would they think of me?' This package makes sure you very quickly get help from me/us in Affiliate Executive Coaches. We'll coach you in again. You'll make it. Please, don't forget to tell me in which town and country you operate because of time-zone planning!
Complementory Coaching Consultation CCC
Your FREE 45 minutes try out consultation. In this session we will explore your wishes and goals and ways to get there. The session is there to give you clear information on and understanding of how we can work together. We might even come to an arrangement, it'll be all up to you. Please, tell me about the town/country you are in during the session, so timezone planning will be right. Thanks!
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