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  • Designing your leadership mojo!
  • Inner Guru Actuation

USD 1,500.00

CRAFTING SUCCESS 90 Days to crafting your success story! What are your aspirations? How can you leverage your skills? What are my rules that limit me? How to break my own rules? How to impact others? How to lead your team? Dealing with deep concerns – personal & organisational! How to create a vision? How to build and maintain relationships? How to be an effective leader? How to communicate effectively? How to manage conflict? How to rise above office politics? How to stay relevant and indispensable? Find answers to these questions and CRAFT your SUCCESS! 12 one on one sessions with our senior coaches, including 3 sessions with our Chief Coach. FREE access for one year to our CRAFTING SUCCESS Telegram Channel! $ 1500 or Rs 1,11,750/- (plus taxes as applicable) 15% discount for those who attended the DISCOVERING SUCCESS program within the past one year.

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