Will Abdo

Will Abdo

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Executive Coach
Business Coach
Life Coach
Executive Coach
Business Coach
Life Coach
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My mission is to guide and support you to achieve that best version of yourself.

My services are designed to guide and support you to solidly and consistently stand out in a crowded place from inauthentic and shallow personalities for stronger visibility, influence and leadership.


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Who is Will Abdo?

I held many leadership positions at work, business and NGOs for over 25 years.  I have successfully managed and completed many projects, led teams and represented various organisations at high profile events including government, Media, Academia and business.  I've perfected the art of of making an amazing first impression through my unique presentation skills.

Why coach with Will Abdo?

As a Self Development Coach, I bring out the best in you by guiding and supporting you to  achieve the new you!! Helping you meet improved outcomes and build resilience to overcome life challenges and perform at the highest level.

Using my wealth of knowledge and experience, I provide you with the self-awareness and development tools to stand out and make a difference in an increasingly challenging and forgettable world.

Personal Branding and Leadership

This package contains 5 important modules covering 10 weekly sessions on desigining and building your personal profile, personal branding, business marketing and branding, excel at work and in the office and look and feel ageless.

Once this course is completed you will have a clear picture of your action plan and destined brand and leadership image to succeed and excel in life, business and work.

50% fees payable upfront and balance paid within 5 weeks.

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