Wassim Karkabi
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United Arab Emirates
Executive Coach
Executive Coach

A leadership specialist with hands-on experience in helping multinational and regional organizations and leaders identify and resolve their executive leadership challenges, Wassim Karkabi has over 20 years of notable experience as a leadership assessment specialist, executive search consultant, executive coach and business coach, across the Middle East & North Africa Region, since 1997. 

Wassim is a graduate of the University of La Verne with BSc. in Marketing and holds an Executive MBA from Hult International Business School. He is published in a number of business publications. He continues his research and writing on the subjects of Leadership, Executive Transition, Leadership Effectiveness and Business Growth. 

Wassim is a certified Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Business Coach and Team Coach. He is credited with the development of the A.C.T.I.O.N.S Coaching Model. He is trained on other coaching models and a variety of leading assessment tools.

Wassim is the author of the upcoming book “7 Steps to Breaking Through”.

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Executive Career Transition
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Top Performing Leader
This coaching program is designed to help you understand what top performing leaders do and how they behave to deliver outstanding business results. It is focused on the Behavioral Traits & Indicators of Top Performers in CEO and other leading roles. Wassim Karkabi will work with you to help you understand yourself and your own personality traits, and provide you with a gap analysis that will show you what you need to work on to deliver at that senior leadership level.
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Sunshine Coaching Program
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LHH Career Transition
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