Amy Farley

Amy Farley

Trinidad and Tobago
Life Coach
Teenage Coach
Health & Wellness Coach
Life Coach
Teenage Coach
Health & Wellness Coach

Coach Amy uses a variety of techniques and strategies to help her clients get to where they want to be, a life that fills them with joy and satisfaction. Amy is based in Trinidad and works with clients from around the world. She provides coaching online via zoom, Skype, telephone.

She is a Certified Mental Health and Wellness Coach | Personal Development Coach | Family Coach | NLP Practitioner | Grief Coaching and specializing in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Techiques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques (CBT), Strengths-based Approach and Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy.

Coach Amy has over 3+ years experience as a Mental Health Coach with 8+ years in the field of Psychology and Mental Health. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology with focuses in Psychopathology (The study of mental illness), Clinical Psychology, Counseling psychology, Family Dynamics and Conflict Resolution. With a proven track record in helping clients achieve their goals Amy can help you breakdown those barriers that's preventing you from reaching your full potential.

With strategies grounded in Cognitive Science, powerful NLP techniques and more. You recieve coaching that provides inspiration helping you learn practical action steps to help you think and act differently. Learn strategies that will help you: Face your fears, eliminate toxic relationships, improve your mood, stop usless worrying, overcome daily obstacles and become more productive.

Do you have a dream/goal?

Do you want to reach your goals but lacking the courage to do so?

Are you someone who is always helping others to reach their dreams/goals, but need encouragement to go after your own dreams?

Here at (LCWA) Life Coaching with Amy, I will help you reach the dreams and goals you desire. Make them become a reality, you will challenge yourself to change your thoughts and feelings towards yourself and your possibilities in life.

Regain lost confidence, stop struggling with self-esteem, loneliness, everyday work stress and overwhelming anxiety.

Sometimes you might feel hopeless and stressed or you might be so exhausted and anxious that your life may seem pointless and your dreams seems unreachable.

Coaching with Amy you get inspired, fine hope and direction to your life's desire. Always remember that everyday is a new opportunity to start over and pursue the life you want for yourself.

Are you struggling with:
Anger issues
Dealing with difficult people
Overcoming daily obstacles
Goal setting

Coach Amy offers a variety of coaching strategies and techniques to help clients deal with all the issues above and more. Powerful Strategies will help you to know yourself, love yourself again, and embrace every single detail that makes you uniques and bring mindfulness to your life everyday and improve the overral quality of your life.


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