Matej Miklavec

Matej Miklavec

Executive Coach
Life Coach
Executive Coach
Life Coach

Coaching is always about YOU, not me. In the spirit of what is most important to me, i will be direct:

What is most important to you? What are you creating?

Which change/breakthrough would make the largest difference in your life right now?

Would you like to talk to me about this challenge or vision?

I am looking forward to a real conversation together!

Make the first step and contact me!


People often ask: ''What do you believe in, as a coach?''

Some answers:
''Lifelong learning- an open and flexible mind,''
''you can be happy and create your goals simultaneously,''
''one insight can change everything,''
''slowing down can speed things up,''
''circumstances, people and situations don't have the power to cause your feelings- only thought does,''
''You are not thoughts and feelings or a fixed personality, you are that, which is aware of them,''

Hello, my name is dr. Matej Miklavec and i am a transformational coach leading meaningful conversations based on your challenge or vision.

I support deep conversations about topics that are hard for you to discus with others, but are critical for fresh insights, clarity and your next step (stress, worry, decisions, conflicts, relationships, goals). In this way you have time to think, reflect, see the larger perspective and can move forward faster, creating new results, effective communication and happiness for yourself and others.

My coaching is based on my own transformation and ongoing deep inner work. My professional experience in mechanical engineering and many years of playing team sports adds a flavour to the conversation and a passion toward new goals. Living in USA for 4 years ads a larger cultural perspective into my understanding. I also lead Listening and productivity workshops and personal development courses to facilitate new insights about life.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.


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