Dana Barto

Dana Barto

United Arab Emirates
Life Coach
Health & Wellness Coach
Life Coach
Health & Wellness Coach
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Dana is a mind-body expert and an experienced child and mom health and wellbeing coach. Dana has an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of natural health, mind-body connection, alternative medicine and nutritional sciences. She is the co-founder of I CAN Self Development for kids, the first child and mom coaching organization in the Middle East and Gulf Regions. Dana is a speaker in this field and has conducted numerous workshops, seminars, webinars, TV and Radio interviews. She also writes regularly for a range of health and wellness websites.

Following a successful 16 year career in the corporate world, Dana’s journey towards natural health began about 14 years ago when her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer… and a few years later, when she started suffering from skin allergies, food intolerances and hypothyroidism. She began to look at alternative therapies, ways to reduce her exposure to toxins and her diet to help improve her own health issues. With this, Dana successfully restored her health and even reversed her hypothyroidism.

Since then, she has helped others reverse their conditions including psoriasis, allergies and gut issues. Now she is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise and helping other with autoimmune disorders reverse their symptoms and recover their health. She works on a multidimensional model that enables her clients to explore options, set goals, gain self awareness, overcome obstacles and achieve balance. She also uses a wide range of tools and modalities, including: cognitive behavior therapy, mind-body connection, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, mindfulness, NLP, and personality profiling.

Dana holds an MBA degree from the Sydney University of Technology. She is a certified Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and a Certified Children Coach. Currently, Dana is currently undertaking a PHD in Natural Medicine which will compliment her current practice and support her client toward a natural mind and body health.

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