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Realzing that you need a coach or mentor is an important first step! I could put a ton of buzzwords here, thinking that would be the thing that grabs people's attention. I realize that it's not. So let's keep it real.


I m a people leader in a corporate setting. Over the course of my 18 year career I've hired folks,led projects, coached, given raises and helped my teams set goals. I know what leaders are looking for and I know how to help YOU get the BEST out of you. I want to help transform your career. In the span of 15 years I went from making $11/hr to six figures.


Let me help you change the way you see your career, and help you build your personal brand as a professional.

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30 Minute Career Assessment Session (Video Chat)
Let's calibrate on where you are currently in your career! We'll discuss your current employment, your goals and where you want to be in the future.
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