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Camille Mitchell

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Welcome Business Builder!

The biggest decision that we can make when it comes to building your business is realizing that you need a coach or mentor. Let's be honest! No successful athlete, 


I m a people leader in a corporate setting. Over the course of my 25 year career I've hired folks, led projects, coached, given raises and helped my teams set goals. I know what leaders are looking for and I know how to help YOU get the BEST out of you. I want to help transform your career. In the span of 15 years I went from making $11/hr to six figures.


Let me help you change the way you see your career, and help you build your personal brand as a professional.

My superhero powers include knocking down walls, helping business owners get laser-focused, building successful businesses that are scalable and helping others do the same.

A little about me...


I live in Atlanta, GA. I am a Georgia Commissioned Notary Public of 25 years, licensed Commercial Driver, Tax Accountant, Business Strategist, and Business Coach.

I've been a business owner since the age of 8 years. Through my year of business leadership, entrepreneurship, and notary career, I have had wins and losses, successes and struggles.

I created my coaching programs to help you learn from my journey and guide you on your own.

Here's how I support Business Owners:

  • Stay Organized and Productive
  • Follow through on commitments and projects
  • Develop Successful Habits
  • Transparently, honestly, and ethically so you can make more & give more!
  • With grace and gratitude,


T. Camille Mitchell

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