737Coach Joyce H.

737Coach Joyce H.

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Life Coach
Life Coach

         PURPOSE       PASSION        PRIDE 

According to coach Joyce, the two most important times in someone's life is the moment they are born and when they figure out what their purpose is.

Born at 7:37 in the morning in Bridgeport, Connecticut Coach Joyce knew that Austin, TX would be her restoration City. At the time the area code was 512 only to become 737. 

7 is the ancient number of completion and perfection and three is Trinity

Coach Joyce's Story begins here.

"At 35 I was a raging addict. Barefoot and homeless with no hope..." she begins. 

Orphaned at a young age only to be adopted and again disenfranchised she felt rejected by the world.

Coach Joyce describes her time as a raging addict as a sabbatical in which she found her personal truth.

"My truth is I had No SELF-ESTEEM!
Here I was at 35 needing love, wanting love, even desperate for it ... yet hating myself. I was Literally trying to smoke myself to death..." she explains.

"By the grace of the good Lord who sought and found it to be - I was in the tunnel smoking that dope learning how to express my hurt. ...articulating the words was like trying to find drinking water in a drought..."

"I would hit the dope and start to talk... all the things that were bottled up inside of me suddenly started pouring out. When I finally realized that people were listening it was like being heard for the first time. Like Motel 6 somebody had turned my light on!"

"Somebody cared enough to listen, somebody had it in them to come to me- barefoot and filthy- to tell me that I was the prettiest addict that they had ever seen and also probably one of the smartest people that they knew of in the city."

Coach Joyce defines her breakthrough -- (her 'Aha!') moment...

"A woman, a business owner off 6th and Red River - to this day I don't even know her name - but she told me that I needed to be on the radio helping other people who were going through the same thing that I was going through. She said all I needed was a little bit of self-esteem and to just realize that I was the money..."

"Once you realize that you are the money you will never chase paper again. Once you realize the people that you're supposed to serve with your testimony you extend your value by investing in your people..."

"The well being of my people is my PURPOSE.     Literacy, Self Esteem & the Arts is my PASSION.            AND the willingness to OVERCOME is my PRIDE."

Coach Joyce is the OWNER & FOUNDER of

Wrytjus RECOVERY Coaching LLC
   a Self Esteem Shop®️

She specializes in finding the antidote to chronic & acute Low Self Esteem issues and Recovery Addiction services.

Coach Joyce is 37 & still resides in THE 737 Austin, TX 







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