High Impact Intensive

Coaching Package

  • 1 Month Coaching Agreement
  • 3 Coaching sessions
  • 30 Minute Follow Up
Offered by:
Angela Braun

CAD 797.00

Be honest. Have you ever said ‘I’ll be happy when’ I get a better job, make more money or have more time to pursue my passions? Maybe some of those things have come into your life, but you still find yourself searching for the next bigger, better, thing? Or a year goes by and you feel like you’re no further ahead and the bar on what success looks like keeps rising. Call it the rat race or call it a rut, but you feel stuck. I know what it feels like to look around and wonder if the things in your life are moving you any closer to what you really desire. Life can get so busy that you can’t even identify what the goal posts are. Let’s get that momentum back, see where things have slid through the cracks, shift your mindset, and most important, start getting REAL RESULTS.

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