Foundations of Leadership

Coaching Package

  • 10 Months Coaching Agreement
  • Foundations of Leadership
Offered by:
Reese Cagle

USD 7,500.00

Ten-Month Leadership Team Training Session 1: First Things First - In the first session, we will define leadership, explore the levels, and find our unique abilities. Session 2: Knowing Yourself - next, we dive into DiSC, learn how to communicate, and discover our personal values. Session 3: Leading Yourself - learn how to be a stress deflector and level up your productivity. Session 4: Knowing Others - learn methods and strategies for successful communication. Session 5: Leading Others Part 1 - setting expectations and giving proper feedback. Session 6: Leading Others Part 2 - having crucial conversations and confronting with excellence. Session 7: Succeeding In Your Role - creating your personal and professional vision. Session 8: When Things Go Badly - damage control principles and recovering from failure. Session 9: Vision Presentations - bringing the team out of their comfort zone and their renewed vision. Session 10: Graduation - tying all the sessions together.

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