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Richard Augenti

USD 120.00

Our DevOps Mentors are seasoned industry pros that work in DevOps Engineering daily. This is by design as you learn the tools and workflows that are used by the pros daily. This is a core belief behind our coaching philosophy. Let's face it, universities, video training sites, boot camps, and live training sites have something in common. They focus on marketing you an unachievable goal of making a six-figure salary by taking their courses. They focus heavily on the academic side with lecture-based learning with some basic level 1 hands-on labs you could easily find online for free. At Rivia, we focus on a goal-driven approach. We don't sugarcoat the truth. We tell you upfront it's going to take a lot of work and effort, but if you stick with it and put the work in you'll achieve the salary and dream job you desire. With DevOps coaching, we'll assess your current abilities, learning goals, and career objectives. Our coaches will develop a customized plan and share it for your approval before you pay anything. Once you agree with the coaching plan then we'll schedule a kick-off meeting to begin. You'll receive weekly learning assignments, projects, and hands-on labs to complete. You'll also have access to our slack channel to ask me questions or schedule a video call to work on your problem. The main tools we focus on are Terraform, Ansible, AWS CodePipeline, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Cloudbees, Jfrog Artifactory, Github, Gitlab, and Git. We'll also consider other DevOps tools if you have a specific reason or use case. The coaching program is billed monthly at $120 per month. We'll invoice your bill monthly, so you can pay at your convenience.

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