Basement to Boardroom: Planning Your Exit From Day One

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  • The Everyday Entrepreneur - Apply the Triple Threat of Ambition, Confidence and Conviction for Suceess on Your Own Terms
  • Online Course - Basement to Boardroom: Planning Your Exit From Day One
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Rob Basso

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Planning An Exit From Your Business Day One

Video Training Course with three(3) Components of actionable advice, stories and details of how to build a company to get the most value when you sell it and record profits along the way. Don't start a business without this training. If you already have a business, this course can help you get on track FAST.

BTB Workbook

A workbook that doubles as a roadmap after it is completed to make sure you cover as many bases as possible will building your business to a huge exit. Filled with thoughtful questions and brainstorming concepts. Print and write on or use the fillable PDF.

BONUS - Negotiate with the Power of Information

The more information you have during the negotiation, the better the results will be. learn key items to look for, understand and then formulate your strategy. Get a bigger payout after this bonus course.

The Everyday Entrepreneur

Use the triple threat of ambition, confidence and conviction to have success on your own terms. My book published by Wiley will help new and seasoned entrepreneurs chart their course to wealth, happiness and success.

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