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You would never build a million dollar home without a strong foundation to hold it up, so why would you build a million dollar business without a strong foundation? We have a business building program that can assist you with a strong foundation to build your Empire. Can you really have freedom of flexibility and still make a 6 figure salary? Yes, I can confidently tell you it is possible. And how can I tell you? For the over 17 years, I have lived that freedom of flexibility with a 6 figure income. Not only have I had the freedom, flexibility and a 6 figure income but I have been doing all of it while traveling all over the world for free. Yes, you heard me correctly. My clients pay me to travel to them to provide my services. May 1996, I started Your Life Destiny coaching practice with a certificate, no assistance and little knowledge of business. Tony Robbins was popular and neither was the coaching field. It was a rough and bumpy road in the beginning, making many mistakes. Yet things started to grow, then came 9/11. With many businesses closing, I refused to allow a world crisis erase all of her dreams and hard work, so she decided to exam the foundation. During a time when Fortune 500 companies was closing their doors, her coaching practice grew so much that It was no longer a side business, it became her full time financial source. Now almost 20 years later another world crisis (COVID pandemic) is again causing Fortune 500 companies to close, Your Life Destiny is growing. How can a business not only survive, yet grow during a world crisis and many businesses are closing? This program offers group coaching sessions to allow our client the ability to not only get personal attention from the coach. However, it allows them to learn from others with the same mindset and goals of transformation. It provides step-by-step group coaching for starting a business or growing your current business that makes at least a 6-figure profit, while achieving your goals of transformation in your life. Within this program you will: • Develop a strong foundation for your business to stand through goals setting, strategic planning, branding, etc. • Develop a market advantage to separate you from your competitors • Develop your business structure • Develop your operations plan • Develop a secure financial stability plan • Launch your DREAMS to the world while having someone beside you
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