Coach Sajid

NLP Trainer and Life Coach
I am a Certified Trainer of NLP and a PCC level ICF Accredited Life Coach. I am the Founder of Inner Peace Life Coaching Pvt. Ltd, India.

What I do

I am a firm believer in high performance and engage in powerful conversations that lead to Life Changing transformations.
Neuro Linguistic Programming works at level of how your brain processes the sensory input much before they are filtered based on your drives, focus and Stories.
Life Coaching
Coaching is designed to instantly bring the best in people. It works by assessing existing thoughts and emotions, observing behavioral and linguistic patterns, setting specific goals .
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence is a powerful Transformation Tool and helps to communicate better, reduce their anxiety and stress, improve relationships and effectively overcome life's challenges.

Coaching meets Neuroscience

Ultimately success is measured by Performance, in fact performance of people. There is no substitute for human Performance. Neuro Power Coaching is an approach where Coaching meets the science of neurology. Neuro Power Coaching process was created from research and study in the fields of human potential, consciousness and Neuro Sciences.
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Co- Creating a Relationship
Coach guides you to achieve the Change that you are looking for by carefully building on your Skills
Outcome Setting
A coach helps to align the outcomes with the highest Intentions and Consequences and connecting to the Potential resources
Techniques involving NLP, Emotional Intelligence are used to create changes at both Conscious and Unconscious levels.
Changes to be evaluated using high precision tools based on Artificial Intelligence called Neural Maps

Neuro Power Coaching

Neuro Power Coaching facilitates an inside out approach to create more choices for the client while experiencing their true potentials and in the process create transformative and high Performance states.
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Coaching Packages

I help you to achieve

A Resourceful State refers to any state where a person has positive, helpful emotions and strategies available to them. It is more of resourcefulness in mind than material resources
Empowered State
A state in which they receive a substantial increase in their existing abilities and unlock new ones, allowing them to face Challenging Situations
A Congruent state can stand in the face of adversity and move ahead where most people who let go. When the internal resources and external outcomes are aligned a congruent state is achieved
High Performance
High Performance state is a 'know nothing state' is when a client is performing at very high level without any conscious awareness. It is a Specialty of NEW CODE NLP

Client Feedback

Still thinking what to do ?

If you are still working on what Next ? Let me help you to decide and experience the change you always wanted to have. Write to me and I will get back to you


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