Alicia Perez

Life / Relationship / People Coach

TX, United States


After spending my professional career in law, advising people on their life choices and the legal implications thereof, I realized my heart was not in the law itself but in the connection and strategizing that happens with my clients.  I want to advise people! I want you to find your truest self and enjoy them. 

As a life coach, I am here to help you analyze your life, unearth your goals, and set a clear path forward, even if you are not sure exactly where you will end up.  I want to help you find the tools and capacity to move in the right direction.  I work for you, your goals, with no personal agenda but your own.  

A life coach is an advisor.  Comparable to a best friend who learns your heart and mind and helps guide you based on your own values, a coach does this without personal attachment to your decisions.  A life coach is an unbiased and professional companion on your journey.  

I offer limited sessions, long-term relationships, and on-call support.  My services are designed to give you regular personalized sessions, assignments, and challenges that arise out of our conversation, and on-call, unlimited chatting, and feedback.  

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